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☀ {レナミ} ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚)
01 August 2025 @ 11:09 pm

Just comment here and we'll see :'D Comments are screened
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☀ {レナミ} ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚)
29 September 2020 @ 10:31 am

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☀ {レナミ} ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚)
29 December 2012 @ 11:36 pm
Deleting old files for new memory. Lost over 10GB oh my. I am uploading them for the sake of sharing? xD Just posting it here in-case I need something. All these are in .avi file and english subbed. Btw this will be updated. Majority of them are downloaded from torrents, so they are quite hard to find.

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☀ {レナミ} ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚)
05 June 2012 @ 08:54 am
So after 3-4 days from scanning and cleaning, here they are. But of course there are some rules before downloading these, making these as personal graphics and other outside stuff:

★☆ Do not ask me to upload all or some individual scans at photobucket, my bucket is slowly running out of bandwidth DX
★☆ Removing my watermarks is a no-no. If I caught you, you're dead.
★☆ Just credit ME that's all I asked for. Scanning and cleaning these scans are a freak to finish.

Download links:

★☆ hope you all like them and if the links are not working and/or have some questions, just tell me xP
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☀ {レナミ} ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚)
14 November 2010 @ 09:50 pm
"We may know each other, but do we know each other? Here is your chance to ask me any question you want and have me answer it honestly! Seriously. ANYTHING."

Feel free to ask anonymously. Comments are screened.
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